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Fireplace Season - Check out the special rates at Buffalo Tavern Bed and Breakfast.  It's a travel bargain in these challenging economic times.  Buffalo Tavern is OPEN year round for your getaway needs.  Rates during Fireplace Season (November through March) are from $89-$109 for the Governor's, $99-$119 for the Madam's or Flapper's, and $129-$149 for the Suite.  AAA, AARP, Active Military, and Educators' specials.  Ask Doc. Holidays and special events may be slightly higher. Doc, the Innkeeper, is waiting to meet you!  By the way, The WINTER SCENERY is awesome here in our mountains!
Let's Have A Group Getaway-- Doc is offering a group special. When four couples or couples/individuals book the entire Inn (3 rooms and the Suite, maximum 8 people) for any two consecutive nights.  Doc, the Innkeeper, is offering the following:
  • A 10% total discount off of the normal rate for the two consecutive nights.
  • The opportunity to select your own breakfast menu for the two mornings of your stay (from a list of 6). Doc will prepare it.
  • And Doc's unforgettable service!

Since the suite is also part of the group, Doc figures that the wet bar area (microwave, fridge, etc.) can be shared with friends in the group. And who will get the President's Suite??

Just call Doc for the special and tell him you want the Group Getaway Special! Not all weekends are available, so book now!

Looking for REAL ESTATE in the High Country?
Buffalo Tavern can serve as your "home away from home" while you spend time searching for just the right piece of real estate in North Carolina's High Country. We'll give you a warm and comfortable fireplace room, serve you an inviting and hot breakfast (and we'll serve you!), have snacks and soft drinks when you return, suggest a restaurant or two for dinner, and even make a recommendation of a real estate firm and agent! After a busy day looking, you can return to the Tavern and know that we'll be ready to welcome you back.

Call Doc at 1-877-615-9678 and let him make your reservation for you.

Then you go ahead and search for just the right piece of your dream.
For Easy INNformation on all of Doc's Specials, click here  
Buffalo Tavern / 958 West Buffalo Rd., West Jefferson, NC 28694 / TF. (877) 615-9678 / Open Year Round


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