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The Buffalo Tavern features 3 large guest rooms and a suite. The Madam's Room and Flapper's Room are on the second floor. The Governor's Room is downstairs. The President's Suite is on the second floor. All three guest rooms  feature a private bath with shower, queen-size bed, dressed with soft, cotton sheets, a cozy down comforter, and four wonderfully-inviting pillows, an electric fireplace and a compact disc player. Satellite television is available. All rooms have a two-person antique Claw Foot Soaking Tub and beautiful wooden floors from the days when the Tavern was built. Each room has its own unique feeling from the era of days gone by. Wireless High Speed Internet (fiber optic) is available and free of charge..

The President's Suite is a wonderfully inviting three-room area with a large bedroom which includes a queen-size bed with soft, cotton sheets, electric fireplace for warmth and romance, a two-person clawfoot tub and sitting area.  The second room has a wet bar with sink, fridge, microwave, dishes, glasses, sitting area, and closet. The large private bathroom boasts two sinks and large mirror, two person tub/shower, and its own heating source!  The Suite is decorated to reflect the Buffalo Tavern era. It is such a warm and comfortable suite!

Doc offers his guests the use of soft, luxurious Turkish bathrobes while staying at Buffalo Tavern!  They are generously fitted and 5-star hotel quality.  There will be two robes in each quest room, ready for relaxing!

**Ask about AAA and AARP rates

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President's Suite
Spacious, private, inviting..    

$129 - $169 / night* (plus tax)


Governor's Room
Cozy, comfortable, and warm...

$99 - $ 139 / night* (plus tax)

Flapper's Room
Sunny, spacious, and inviting...

$109 - $149 / night* (plus tax)


Madam's Room
Romantic, subtle, and classy...

$109 - $149 / night* (plus tax)

A delicious full breakfast is served in the Americana Dining Room each morning.  Complimentary soft and hot drinks are available during early morning and light snacks (homemade cookies!) in the afternoon each day. Guests have access to their own refrigerator in the common area/parlor.

In fall and winter, the scenery is awesome!  In spring and summer, it's breathtaking!

The expansive front porches beckon guests to sit for a while and watch birds playing in the trees, or spending time looking at Bluff Mountain, or reading a favorite book, or just doing nothing at all.


Sit back and relax.

Americana Dining Room

Lots of delights.

Doc's guests really do enjoy the use of the Turkish Bathrobes! 
He will have them waiting for you, too,when you come to Buffalo Tavern.... 
It's just another way to make you feel at home!

10% tax based on double occupancy.
Rates are seasonal and subject to change without notice. Rates are current through October 31, 2015. 
A charge card, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, is generally required to make a reservation. The provided card is charged for the total stay five (5) days prior to guest arrival. Imprint and signature is collected upon arrival if needed. There is a 14 day notice for cancellation.  A check may be accepted for a deposit.  See below for the policy.

Check-In: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Check-Out:: 11:00 AM
  Late check-out is available IF the innkeeper is advised at least two days in advance.  The cost per hour for late check-out is $20 per hour (or any part of an hour thereof) after 11.  The room must be vacated at least one hour before the next scheduled guest arrival.  Check with the innkeeper..

If an earlier or later check-in is needed, please let Doc, the Innkeeper, know.  There is no 24 hour desk and Doc needs to be there for the guests' arrivals.  Doc requests that guests call him if their arrival time will be different than originally indicated.

• All rooms include complimentary full breakfast, prepared by Doc and served in our Americana Dining Room at 9 am.
• The maximum occupancy in any room is two guests.
• Please inform us at time of reservation of any dietary or allergy considerations.
• Telephone reservations taken from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST. If you call and the recorder comes on, please leave a message.  Doc WILL call you back!  Sometimes he is away from the phone or helping other guests.  Online reservations taken at any time.
• A one night deposit by personal check received within 5 days of reserving and if more than three weeks before the guest arrives will be accepted.  The remaining balance being paid by check will be due two weeks prior to arrival.
• Applicable city and state taxes are not included in published rates.
• Guests will be charged for their reserved stay if it is 14 days or less prior to their scheduled arrival date, regardless of their actual stay, unless the room is resold for the exact nights that were booked at which time the cancellation charge is waived. 

Guests must be at least 21 years of age and be able to prove age if requested by the innkeeper.  That proof must be a picture ID.  Well-behaved and well-supervised children above the age of 12 are welcome in the room with at least one adult (parent) with the innkeeper's approval.

For the comfort of our guests and the preservation of our antiques, smoking is limited to designated outdoor area only, which is outside of the white fence.  Candles are not allowed at any time in any area of the Inn. Your PETS will be happier at home, since we do not have comparable accommodations for both you and them.

Without exception, a 14 day notice is required to cancel a reservation and/or provide notice of shortened stays.
Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted as well as cash.

* Rates may change seasonally during certain times of the year and are higher on weekends and during special events. Please ask the Innkeeper for the rate during the time of your stay. All rates are subject to change without notice.  Rates quoted to guests at the time of reservation will be honored.


Buffalo Tavern / 958 West Buffalo Rd., West Jefferson, NC 28694 / TF. (877) 615-9678 / Open Year Round


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